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Online Forms

Online Forms

Online Forms

Online Forms

Please find all the forms that you may need in the tabs below.

Acceptance Form

Please click HERE to access the Discovery Bay International School Acceptance Form

Student Profile

In order to welcome and understand your child's needs and preferences and help them settle in quickly, we would be grateful in you could take some time to tell us about your child.

Please click HERE for the DBIS Student Profile form.

Student Permissions

Please click HERE to access the Student Permissions form.

Student Medical Profile

Please provide all important medical information about your child in the form. If you have any particular concerns, you are most welcome to make an appointment with one of our medical staff to discuss things in more depth

The medical form can be found HERE.

Prescribed Medicines Permission Form

If your child requires regular medication, the school requires you to provide authorisation to dispense the medicines.

Medications MUST be handed to the nurse by a responsible adult (parent or helper). No medications will be accepted from students.

Remaining medication will not be sent home with a child – a parent or carer will need to collect it from our medical room.

Please access the Prescribed Medicines form HERE.

Student Absence During Term Time

If you wish to make an application for student leave of absence from DBIS during term time, please fill in the form, found HERE.

Travelling to School

Students in Years 1-3 must be dismissed to the care of an adult at the end of the school day. Students in these year groups will therefore not be allowed to leave school unaccompanied. It is the school's position that it is preferable that all students in the Primary school at escorted home by a responsible adult. 

If your child is in Years 4-6 the school strongly recommends that they are also accompanied by an adult to ensure they are safe on the way home. Should you still wish for your Year 4-6 child to return home unaccompanied please complete the form below.

Travelling to School 

Bringing Your Own Device Agreement

As students reach the GCSE years at DBIS, the School recognises that a laptop may be the preferred device for student school work. With this in mind, DBIS will allow students to bring in their own laptops provided that students agree to follow the school's Student BYOD policy.

Please find the agreement HERE.

iPad Agreement

Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) aims to ensure that all students have ready access to adequate mobile computing resources in order to provide high quality education to the students at the School.

To ensure this, the school loans an iPad to all students for use during their time in the Secondary School. Students and parents should read the agreement and the attached Conditions of Acceptance.

The agreement can be found HERE.

Change of Student Contact Details

The form for Change of DBIS Student Contact Details can be found HERE.

DBIS Extra Curricular Activities

DBIS offers a comprehensive range of Extra Curricular activities for Primary and Secondary students. Guides containing detailed information on the Sport, Music and General clubs on offer as well as the Application form on the ECA page can be found HERE


Year 12 Application Form

Please click HERE to fill out an application for year 12. Please note, this application form is for current DBIS Students.

Foreign Language Book Recommendation

Please click HERE to fill out the Foreign Language Book Recommendation form.