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Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Science & Technology

At DBIS Secondary, we are proud of our extensive science and technology facilities.

All students are provided with their own iPad and are actively encouraged to use this facility during every lesson.

DBIS’s science facilities and resources allows students to take part in many practical experiments as it is our belief, the best way to learn is by practical experience; at every level almost all lessons involve an element of practical work.

From Year 10, biology, physics and chemistry are taught separately. The majority of students take (I)GCSE Double Award Science whilst others take all three sciences (Triple Award Science). A significant proportion of (I)GCSE students choose to continue with science in their further and higher education. There are many opportunities to attend a wide variety of extracurricular support clubs for all ages during the week.

DBIS’s extensive design and technology facilities allow for a range of activities both as part of the curriculum and for extended projects out of school hours.

In Key Stage 3 students develop key design and manufacturing skills as they grow in confidence and creativity. Later on in Key Stage 4, they are able to select and use the tools and equipment correctly and safely showing confidence and creativity throughout. Students are encouraged to use a range of hand skills whilst developing CAD/CAM skills in all resistant materials projects.