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Gifted & Talented Provision

Gifted & Talented Provision

Gifted & Talented Provision

The DBIS approach allows us to place a focus upon the individual.

Our strategic use of standardised testing, and the ongoing use of qualitative data enables us to recognise individual abilities as children move through each phase of the school. External entrants to the school undergo assessment procedures and interviews that are designed not only to assess the academic potential of students but also to develop a deeper understanding of their overall abilities.


Much of the provision for Gifted and Talented students happens within lessons. DBIS teachers differentiate teaching and learning to ensure appropriate challenge for students. Additionally, talented creative arts students have specialist teachers and opportunities to perform publicly. Specialist coaching is available as part of the PE extra curricular programme. Elite sport is enhanced through the school’s membership of Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA).

Within the year groups and subject areas, there is a wide range of approaches, each of which is tailored to the subject in question.

The provision within year groups and subject may involve greater enrichment delivered through trips and societies or within normal lessons. The School offers a Critical Thinking course for identified students in Years 9-11. Some Secondary subjects areas in Secondary run accelerated programs such and early entry for public examinations.